Monday, January 26, 2015

Matthias 2nd Homecoming and Our First hike of 2015

First evening home after a 10 day hospital stay with RSV-Bronchiolitis, which included
5 days on the ventilator.  Matthias recognized home, but it took some warming up to being here and trusting that no one was going to poke him for blood or blast him with oxygen.

Daddy so happy to be reunited with his "little man"

11am at Rowena Crest, Columbia River Gorge
 Saturday 1/25/2015

11am at Rowena Crest, Columbia River Gorge
 Saturday 1/25/2015

This 2 1/2 yr old nearly hiked all of the 3 miles on his own!
So proud of him.
His legs were like jello by the end, with him falling on level ground.  It reminded me of how I felt after night skiing with my dad on Mt St Helens with only the light of a full moon.  I was 12 though, and when we reached the logging road to ski back to the vehicle I found my self falling with the slightest lean to the left or right.

Captured in the light of the sun...
a true moment in time with my son


Johannes exclaimed,
"Look Mom!  An "S" like in my name"

Falling but not defeated


No other words needed...

Brother's pleased to have reached "the top..."

Really just shy of the top of Tom McCall Trail....
We (Janelle and I) are excited to raise these boys to be hikers and conquerers in this life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New View, New Job, New Future...

View from the parking lot of my new place of employment
Skyline Hospital, White Salmon, WA
Thanks Dad for taking the photo today!

Fall to Christmas (Long overdue Post)

Strolling Renken Farm's Harvest Festival

Having fun on the hay bale slide

Serious Nathanael

Almost blends in with the pumpkins

Almost willing to pose for his dad still....

Family hayride

Meeting Matthias for the first time

something's missing

Christmas Roast
Seasoned and ready to Roast
This beast of a roast, nearly killed Jesse 4 months previous as he and dad tried to trailer this Bull
We all savored it and toasted to Jesse's life and well being

Look who Uncle found amongst the Poinsetta
Megan's newest (Hadassah)

Prep'n for Sugar Cooking Decorating with Cousins

Mommy and Son

Christmas Magic
Awaiting the 13 cousins

Hannes very pleased with his rifle

Shane working on his pistol tricks

Captain America

I got more GUNS