Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recent Project and trip to beach

After 3 weekends, 2 trips to lumber yard, 1 trip to Ace Hardware, 2 trips to Mayo's (neighborhood hardware), two deliveries of rock and topsoil, and borrowed tools from 2 neighbors we have our raised bed vegetable and herb gardens completed and seeded!!!

Janelle giving the oh so sexy, pouty lips...she must remember that I said her lips were ever so attractive on our wedding video. :o)

Thaddeus acting so old these days, and successfully potty trained!!

Can you believe that this is my wife...I am too lucky!

Brother's Interlude

Brother's Interlude

Thad: "uh oh, little brother has my beach ball! I can fix this...

Thad: Hey there Bro, let me help you with that....
Hans: It's cool, Bro. I got it right where I want it...

Thad: See I can throw it up...and away from you...nice....
Hans: Awe, defeated again, but a day of reckoning is coming...

Thad: A finish kick to be sure it is out of reach...
Hans: Nice kick, but I don't think you accomplished much...

Thad: (crying)...daddy the ball went in the water and now is wet and me in my distress...

Watching your children....

Celebrating Johannes @ One!

b. 3/16/2010
The ever smiling, affectionate one in our family has turned one this week.
Johannes you give us so much joy.
Thank you Jesus for giving us a child with a contagious laugh; a cuddler that warms the soul and shares with us the feeling of being embraced by our heavenly Father.

We are sand people now

New sun hat

Taste bud explosion and saliva fest, as he enjoys "junk" food at his Birthday Celebration last weekend.

His first cupcake
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
(all Organic ingredients except the sprinkles, we leave that to Shanea to find those) :o)
Seth will have you know though, that organic or not, sugar is still of the devil...;o)

That contagious smile/joy

Immediately followed by moments of security to reset the mood