Monday, November 25, 2013

Panama 2013

7 Weeks in Panama

Here is a quick representation of what we got to experience...
Finally got Internet 4 weeks after arriving in The Dalles...kinda like being in Panama...nothing happens quickly if it is related to the gringo life....

Tortilla Machine
Go Ellie!


Panama haircut

Hands in the soil

School time with the parrot

Bella Dog

Yucca Cake

School Time

Isla Bastimentos

Caribbean Sea

Sunrise view of Agua Dulce

Morning Dew

Bocas Mural

Up the Hill Chocolate Farm

Collecting "cuttings"


Loving the grime

Nothing a cold shower can't take care of...

Home on Agua Dulce


Ngobe Village (Neighbors)

Reading the spanish picture dictionary

Rain storm

Sometimes a free shower, sometimes a free mud choose

Neighbor's Livestock

Husking coconut for Coconut Oil

Grate the coconut meat

End product after hours of hard work
Husking of 4 coconuts
Grating the meat
Cure overnight
Skim it
Strain it
Boil on stove top
The oil remains

Seth's Lucky Shot in Dolphin Bay

4 day old Colt

A tropical starch that is extremely versatile in cooking

Ellie on the other side of this wave

Pipa (coconut water)

Nate catching an afternoon nap in the shade while the others swim the warm caribbean waters


Returning to Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce


View from Los Secretos
Pizza and Swimming Pool
YWAM house on the hillside in the distance

Snorkling off Hospital Point