Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Home improvements

Instead of spending money on gas, we ultimately decided to have a four day weekend at home this Memorial Day and do home improvement projects.
This evening we our hosting a chicken BBQ for 27 lovely friends and siblings in Jesus, thank God for Costco!
Sunday after church we are getting a piano (free from a friend in the neighborhood), and plan to start Thaddeus on Piano lessons this Summer/Fall.
Monday we are going to another BBQ and Pool Party.

Janelle's vision for the downstairs 1/2 bath finally reached its fruition.
Janelle found the Chandelier at The Land of Nod.
Janelle made the pink hued Roman blind, by seeking out a local who makes them, but was willing to teach Janelle for the same price as purchasing one.
Janelle puddied and painted the window white.
Seth dug deep into his upbringing from working with his amazing do-it-yourself father, to replace a 1950's huge 16 inch can light plastered in to the plaster ceiling, with the delicate and femine chandelier.

Diningroom chandelier is now on a dimmer switch!
Floral painting is thrift store find a month ago.

Hydrangeas are in near full bloom in the yard

Our once single light dark kitchen is now a 8 light Kitchen Studio!
With the quality of meals coming forth from this room, it truly is
"Nelle's Studio"

This birdcage was a gift to Janelle from a friend.
Originally it was dark stained wood with green and maroon painted highlites. After two coats of white paint and installing a chain, it is now a beautiful accent piece on the screen porch.

This morning's sunlight on the porch.
The door has a new screen replacing the large holes from having "little boys" crashing through

Our Garden has been treating us well
Enjoying lots of salads, beet greens, chard, and nasturtiums.
Soon to be enjoying green beans, carrots, zucchini, leeks, turnips, beets, tomotoes, and peppers

The lilly's started to bloom yesterday

Hydrangea variant in front of house beginning to bloom

Johannes experiencing a bit more than a plumber's crack this morning...

OOooh, "Can't touch this!"
We have finally completed our Conversation/Morning Coffee/Devotions Corner
A long work in progress...
Chairs found on Craigslist (drove 3 1/2 hours (round trip) one evening after work to ensure they would not be sold before we could see them.
Retro green ottoman found last weekend at neighborhood garage sale, along with the side table which is an old fashion dough box.
We plan to replace the lamp currently there with this one (see next pic) found on Craigslist and being held for us until we can drive to Chesapeake next week.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Saturday afternoon we made a quick trip to Grandview Beach
Our friend Julie from Wisconsin is visiting us this weekend as she is in the area for a graduation and to catch up with friends, including us! We are so lucky!!

Thaddeus says he likes the feel of the sand getting sucked away from his toes

Johannes feeling the moment..."Hang Loose"

Thaddeus found a rope and is trying to do some beach excavating