Saturday, July 18, 2015

Montana Adventures

Uncle Davey spotted this juvenile painted turtle swimming near the lake shore, scramble up and into the water and snatched it for all to see.

What a creative Creator our God is.  Awesome!

Brothers enjoying a good water fight

Hannes got the upper hand with the water gun putting Thaddeus on the run

This cool dude turned "3" and knew it!

Cousin Adamma
Always a favorite of mine to photograph

Cousin Virgil

My brother's infamous and highly functional outhouse.
My brother is famous for saying, people (American's) have it all wrong...
Today's modern man "Sh*ts in and Eats Out, where as he and family prefer to eat in  and sh*t out"
Sorry for the language, but sometimes that word is appropriate in my book.

Davey's pastoral view of his chicken yard

It's my birthday and I am "3"

Turning three takes a conscious effort to juxtapose that 1st and 5th digit!

Birthday party snack

Siblings captivated by flying bubbles and or the opening of a birthday snack, not sure which.  :o)

Thad showing us how it is done.

And still in awe of the floating bubble

blowing with gusto, Hannes' modus operandi

Davey's Hens


Cuddle time with Aunti

Blowing out those candles with a little help from my friends...

Time to cut the cake!
Nathanael says, no problem!  I got this.

Super pleased with his chainsaw

Cousin adoration

Good and tart
Rhubard crisp

Smore's Time
Boys all old enough to roast their own.
Burn ban routed via a BBQ kettle.

Concentration often leads to reflexive thumb sucking still 

The look of success and achievement 

A highlight of any summer trip to my brother's place in The Yaak is the outdoor shower

The boys too were fascinated.
Johannes' asked, how is water coming from this tree?
I answered, your Uncle Davey is amazing,
enough said....