Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Circus Party March 17

Janelle did an amazing party celebrating four children's March birthday's at our house on St Patty's Day

Johannes in the bounce house

Guinea Pig
Representing the petting farm

Live music

Helping with games and showing great St. Patty's enthusiasm

All the kids did a craft (puppet making)

Props for photobooth

Circus photobooth

Classic clown faces

Kids found the pot of gold amongst the Ivy

Face painting

Bounce house

Friends reunited

Magic show

Cake Pop
Handmade by our friend

Balloon animals

The Agenda
Went smoothly, enjoyed by all

First look at our new stamped concrete path connecting the guest cottage to the house

Springtime/Mom's Visit

Janelle's decorations for Easter/Spring

Thaddeus dressed himself
We were impressed with his coordination of colors

Grammy Visits!
Lot's of fun time were had

Our day at Grandview beach

Johannes was loved every minute and managed to stay out of the water for the first time

Enduring Love

This picture just makes me laugh...
The illusion that Janelle is putting Thad in his place

Wave catching
High speed photography

Grey Crane Left...White Crane Right

I turned 2!
Mask was in the card from his big brother

Sunday, March 04, 2012

In case you questioned Monsanto's Governmental Influence

We are not in good hands, if we are in their hands...

Does Monsanto "Own" the U.S. Government?

Is sure seems like it at times. Genetically engineered seeds are now banned in Hungary, as they are in several other European countries, such as Germany and Ireland. Peru is also following the precautionary principle, and has even passed a law that bans genetically modified ingredients within the nation for 10 years9.
In the U.S., however, the opposite to consumer protection is taking place, with certain states actually passing legislation that protects the use of GM seeds and allows for unabated expansion! To date, 14 states have passed such legislation and Michigan's Sen. Bill 777, if passed, would make that 15.