Sunday, September 16, 2012

California is fighting to force GMO labeling on all food...49 Countries require this already or ban GMO completely (Peru, where I just spent a month this summer has a ten year ban on any GMO product or seed entering its country, which is so awesome to see as they have beautiful heirloom varieties of Corn and Potatoes that the West has never seen) India is aggressively back tracking and trying to undo the damage done by Mansanto on its crops and farmers.

In Europe, Monsanto supports labeling genetically engineered foods because the people demand it In fact, after realizing how much it had upset the European public by attempting to force these products upon consumers, Monsanto ran ad campaigns in support of labeling to save face.

Look closely at who is supporting Mansanto's stance vs the local farmer.  If you believe in food choice (the right to feed your family members, or relatives even, farm fresh food including Farm Fresh Raw Milk), you must avoid the pseudo-organic powerhouses (as seen on the Left of this poster) and support your local farmers.  Buy local.  Be a Locovore.  Direct market buying from your local farmer is the right way to support REAL food and you get to experience the life giving nature of being in relationship with your growers.  Americans have nearly lost the ability to think of a business transaction involving a human relationship, but much of the world expects it and will ignore your desire to do business without first establishing some level of relationship!  Meet your grower, dairy producer, egg producer and share in the joy of REAL food and maybe even by inspired to grow/raise your own and be part of a local microeconomy in your neighborhood, so you don't have to rely on your local supermarket which creates the illusion of food choice, but ultimately has its products controlled by a small handful of large corporations that spend millions per year lobbying against your right to grow and buy or sell food in a direct market fashion.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some pics of August and September

Enjoying a Bubble Tea Smoothie in Ghent district of Norfolk

He has dimples!

Thaddeus "reading" books to Johannes

The horse that entertains many a child on our porch

Our biking outings...lots of fun and getting further and further all the time

Loving time with my third son

Thaddeus showing off his grub...soon to be Monarch Butterfly

Thaddeus got to go to work with Dad today.
This is his second time to get to go with me to see a patient on a Saturday.  It is pretty big stuff to walk the hospital halls, see my office, and meet the patients and see their "cuts"

It was windy and a bit chilly.
A welcome change for Virginians
Symphony and Picnic at Christopher Newport University's great lawn
This was our lovely Friday night out last night, and a Free Event!

Enjoying the Virginia Symphony and Picnic last night
Janelle and her three little men


Growing up and finding his fist
Our picnic dinner on the lawn with symphony playing...European flare
Cheese, bread, veggies with hummus, and fruit


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Josh Garrels...Portlander singing Truth, I believe, listen and test/discern...Check him out

Josh Garrels...Portlander singing Truth, I believe, listen and test/discern too (I am open for correction)...Check him out