Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our first visit to Jamestown Settlement

Inside a Powhatan Village Home

Thaddeus interacting with children on the tour

The Blacksmith

Musket firearm demonstration
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This morning's sunrise
Pictures taken from the edge of the parking lot where we are living on base

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Last weekend we went to the Victory Center in Yorktown

The artillery demonstration

Thaddeus is intrigued with guns, whether Janelle likes it or not...

Our new friends Drew and Amelia
Jamie is the wife/mother whom I have known since 3rd year medical school when we met in San Antonio, Texas on a medical rotation. The Air Force IS a small world, for we bumped into each other on our first day of inprocessing.

The family
(Johannes is hiding in the Ergo. His leg made the photo)
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have found one of our new favorite places to eat...
Can't wait to treat our visitors to this place...
Seafood caught the very day you eat it

Harpoon Larry's
Considered one of America's Best Seafood Dives

Thaddeus enjoyed eating and playing with the clams

Janelle had the best crabcake we've ever tried
We both enjoyed the very "oceany" experience of eating a softshell crab
I had a fresh caught flounder grilled, fried oysters, and a softshell crab
Next time we will order the fresh catch of the day + oysters and clams all grilled or blackened and more crabcake. Can't wait!
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Despite not being settled in a new home yet, we are feeling pretty comfortable in our new life here in Virginia
Great people, good food, beautiful scenery...

Thaddeus trying his hand at a good game of stick and a wheel.
This is at the Yorktown Victory Center

Playing together before bed one evening

It is so fun to see our boys interacting with each other these past few weeks
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This weekend included a short trip to Sandy Bottom City Park where we spotted these turtles,
along the pier of a serene lake

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Our new welcome home sign

Captain Lambert sporting his new ABU's

Mrs and Cpt Lambert more in their element...
at the beach

Seth's commuter...purchased today in Virginia Beach
1984 VW Rabbit MKI GTI
Drives like a goKart...very much my style
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This is the home that we are in contract to purchase if the closing all goes well

Front of house

Kitchen with doorway to screened in porch

Livingroom with fireplace (left)
built-in bookshelves

Screened in porch
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I had to get a picture of this weathered beachman--a true character face

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After a long week of house hunting...
we spent Saturday at Virginia Beach...

Thaddeus watches the waves crash with desperate
anticipation to feel them on his feet and legs

Ahhhh... it is nice to feel an ocean breeze blow through the hair after many a stuffy days
between the car and viewing houses with amazingly cooperative boys,
but yes, at times, definitely acting their age

We are happy

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Thaddeus exploring a park on the AF base

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