Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let Truth be Told

It is so sad that Ron Paul's message can't be heard without hunting for it on the internet...I am so sick of hearing Fox, CNN, MSNBC pretend to be reporting on a GOP race.  Mitt and Rick have no record to support their "conservative" claims.  Mitt, Rick, or Barack...who cares...I sure don't...they're all puppets, all loyal to Wall Street, the Fed, and ultimately not the 99.7% of Americans.  I would like to point out something that is not often well understood.  Here is what the "tops" make...

Based on the Internal Revenue Service’s 2010 database below, here’s how much the top Americans make:
Top 1%: $380,354
Top 5%: $159,619
Top 10%: $113,799
Top 25%: $67,280
Top 50%: >$33,048

Percentage of Americans that make over 500K but less than 1 million(0.35%)
Percentage of Americans that make over 1Million but less than 10million (0.16%)
Percentage of Americans that make over 10million (0.01%)

Currently, the very highest income households, those with incomes over $1 million, are less likely to owe AMT than are households with incomes between $200,000 and $1 million.

Do you get what this is saying?!!!  The AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) is sold to the public (American Citizens who think our government is looking out for our interests) as a means for "rich" people to still be required to pay taxes despite making their money from investment income rather than wage earner incomes, but in reality the elite rich -ARE LESS LIKELY to owe AMT than those with incomes between $200Kand $1Million.

Ok!  Ready for the big surprise...What to you think the majority of US Congress and Senators are worth?  You guessed it, over $1 million...I wonder why the AMT doesn't apply to Millionaires?????

My point is this...sure the top 1% make a lot of money ($380K), but these people are the business owners of America and they do pay the bulk share of our nations taxes, despite what we are led to believe by today's politicians.  It is not the 1% that we should be upset with.  It is the top 0.16% who escape paying their share of taxes, control politicians or are politicians, and pursue power much greater than mere accumulation of wealth....

The top-earning 5 percent of taxpayers (AGI equal to or greater than $154,643) paid far more than the bottom 95 percent. The top 5 percent earned 31.7 percent of the nation's adjusted gross income, but paid approximately 58.7 percent of federal individual income taxes.


Sit back and listen to one Honest Politician

Thank you, peace out....

Michiganders Visit Virginia

 Splendid 5 days with two of the dearest people we know!
Thank you R & V for pouring out your love on us.  You served us so richly, and we miss your presence constantly

Dinner at Circa 1918

Virginia Aquarium
Da' Boyz

Big surprise, Thaddeus found this to be the coolest poster in the War Museum

Hanging with my boys on the James River Hilton Pier

Thaddeus as a Union Soldier
Richmond, VA
Civil War Museum

He was kinda sad it didn't quite fit

Sometimes "a look" is better than a smile to a photographer...

It was spitting snow when this photo was taken...
Richmond, VA

Sometimes a photo just comes together...
Moi, very pleased

Beautiful Lady...
Beautiful Ray...
Photographer pleased again...

Notice the fish giving us a similar look as Hannes

Nothing quite like this aquarium to instill awe and wonder at Creation

Mirror Image

Hannes taking it all in

Touching the Sting Ray's

One of those moments where your child reminds you of yourself about 32 years ago...

Virginia Beach Pier
Chilly but beautiful day

BFF  :o)

The sky was busy with air traffic that day

My True Friend

Warmth, joy, friendship, happiness... exude from this couple

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally an update...

It appears, genetically, we concentrate the same way...
I am pretty sure I have seen my father have this same expression when working

Lamb chop
Good to the bone

Rain, mud, outdoors..."I couldn't be happier"

Janelle says, "Smile for the camera"  and this is what she gets these days.

Brusselsprout stock
The boys love to "pop" the brusselsprouts off, and then they have a new stick/sword/bat/or just plain old flying object for the next few days

4-wheeling with Uncle Rick

Tractor rides with Papa

Socializing with Aunt and Uncle

Always picture time with Nana and Papa

How REAL "raw" "farm fresh" MILK 
is brought to your table by
North Land of Milk and Honey Dairy
First round up the beautiful jersey's

Milk them in the parlor

Rewash and prepare the stainless steel tank 

Cool the milk in an Ice Bath from 100 Degree F down to 40 degrees in under two hours

Plastic milk jugs pulled from storage room within the bottling room

Transfer of 40 degree milk into reservoir with spicket

Label, fill, and cap 1/2 gal milk jugs

Date the lid, transfer to Retail store room and...
ENJOY Clean, Farm Fresh, REAL MILK
A Whole Food
Wash all systems...
Enjoy the subsequent steam bath

Thaddeus could not have been more pleased to find his "big" cousin Gabe dressed as a cowboy upon arrival to Trout Lake!

Meeting the newest Niece

Mom with Asa and Tersa

Lunch with all the cousins

Playing in the snow...
Thad is praying Virginia gets snow...
Not unheard of but not common...

The boys loved story time with Grammy

Dad and I ventured out for a ski on a beautiful afternoon

My first tie from Thaddeus
His idea.

Coon skin hats from Auntie Shanea and Uncle Marshal

Johannes loving on cousin Silas

Meeting another new niece