Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rick and Victoria Visit Virginia

Our photos (three cameras) during the past week in no particular order
Rick and Victoria spent a week with us
We had a glorious time exploring the historic triangle with them
The boys loved reconnecting, as did Janelle and I, with two of the dearest people we know

Monticello on a cold February day

Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg



Lovely Janelle


Governor's Mansion

Governor's Mansion Backyard

Johannes 10 months

Victory Center
The Kitchen


Can you guess what Thaddeus' favorite activity is right now?



Thaddeus enjoying the ships at Jamestown

Governor's Mansion in background

Kindred spirits

Life giving couple

Loving life & each other

Pretty in Pink

Come to Virginia and experience the lightness of being...

Johannes: security in two things
Mommy and thumb

Reunion of friends

Colonial Thaddeus

Dress up time

Rick's Tour Guide

Does it look like we enjoyed our turkey?

Oven Roasted

Boys with their turkey bones

Rick reading to Thaddeus


Strolling Williamsburg

Johannes maturing daily

Getting better at playing together daily :o)

Our happy Johannes

Thaddeus knows his letter