Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This may be my longest post ever...
These photos comprise the past two months from Janelle's camera, her mom's camera,
and my camera.

We begin with Janelle's Parents Visit during SW Washington's Springbreak

Papa & Grandson
Entrance to Virginia Living Museum (Thaddeus' favorite place to explore, especially now that he knows the place so well).

Papa Davis
Truly playing down at their level

Early Spring walk

Their day together at Williamsburg

Williamsburg Garden

Thaddeus getting to know the Colonial kids and guns
Thaddeus struck up a long conversation with "Thomas Jefferson"

Thaddeus found the letter "T" in the colonial alphabet cards

Backyard farmers

Hanging out with mother-in-law

Family photo on the front stoop

Back when Thaddeus and I were building our raised beds

We enjoyed a "King Cake" party with our Louisiana Friends down the street
King Cake is the traditional cake you see in the picture for Mardi Gras

Monster pot of jambalaya enjoyed by over 150 people at the party

Janelle's Mom's group took a trip to the Newport News Fire Dept.
My boys were in heaven

This photo reminds me of a political campaign poster with the natural light casting an aura and all. :o)

Johannes with his laughter sneeking out between his thumb sucking

Johannes turns "One"
He is excited

His Elmo card from Grammy and Grandpa Lambert

Janelle took the boys to the Air and Space Museum

Operation Jumbo Sized

Virginia Beach

Thaddeus helping Papa build shelves for Janelle

Celebrating Dave and Jan's Birthdays

Thaddeus getting his groove on

Practicing his left handing pitching with a dirt clod

Nice form, and thankfully the camera is a safe distance thanks to zoom lens

Dogwood in the yard with our dead tree in the background

View of our home from the neighbors yard

A trip to Hampton's International Children's Festival
A traveling bandwagon in the background

Thaddeus loves to give hugs to anyone in costume

When you are a beautiful woman showing interest in your surroundings...guaranteed target for an interview with the local media
She was awesome, of course!

Easter time

Thaddeus sporting gifts from Nana
John Deer hat and Cowboy boots
Those boots have gotten rave reviews everywhere he goes.

One of those looks from Thaddeus that lets me know he is a "Big Boy" already!

And he is reading up on what he can expect out of me...

Thaddeus in the arms of one of the "pillars" of the church we attend

Getting ready for an Easter Egg hunt

Church friends
At our friends house on Easter Sunday
Thaddeus and his friends are always superheroes...
Even without T.V. the commercialism is out there hounding the youth at a young age...amazing to me!

Our friend Will captured all the attention with his "nerf" rocket industrialized via the air compressor from the garage. Supercool!!!

Thad finds the "coolest" toy in the backyard

Easter Sunday

The Morin Family

Thaddeus stayed pretty clean in his "Easter Attire"

The humidity is in the air--
It gives Thaddeus great hair days!
I am vain for my kid :o)
I think he inherited some vanity though, as he needs a mirror for all his new clothes these days.