Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cardiology 8/1-8/31

Recap of first day.
First consult: Feel like I'm back to being a medical student as I try to recall the relevant questions pertaining to one's cardiovascular system.

Second Consult: Much improved from the first

Third consult: Pt needs to be seen for pre-operative cardiac evaluation. While talking with the pt, I learn that he has very severe heart disease and has been denied coronary bypass surgery on the basis that risk of surgery outweighs the potential benefits. While talking with the patient he goes in to respiratory distress. I call a "code blue." Pt is intubated and CPR with advanced life support protocol is performed for 25 minutes. Pt dies.
Not the best first day! Consultation recommendation: Not a surgical candidate...

Since that day, I have been involved in 5 more code blues. All the nurses recognize me as the doc with the "black cloud." I am beginning to believe them.

I am convinced that cardiology and I don't get along too well. I am glad that I have chosen to study surgery instead. It is really nice to diagnose and treat patients that have a fixable problem and greater likelihood of recovery.