Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our trip in the Canadian Rockies (Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, & Mt Robson Provincial Park)

Lake Louise ($50/hr to rent a canoe)
We passed on that

View of Lake from the Fairmont Chateau

First stop along Hwy 93 heading towards Jasper

Settling into vacation and in our "element"

The bumper sticker says it all

Standing on the Columbia Ice Field Glacier

Chillin' on the Columbia Ice Field

Sumwapta Falls

Wendy & Andy

Our first view of Mt Robson from the parking lot of Robson Ranger Station

Early morning view of Robson from our cabin

Emperor Falls with Mt. Robson Peak

Berg Lake (1st Camp site) 21K

Campsite (Morning view)

Leaving Berg Lake for Mt. Robson Pass 2K (Hooray!)

Day Hike to Mumm's Basin

High above Berg Lake (off in the distance)

Appropriately referred to by Canadians as "Mop heads"

Mt. Robson from Mumm's Basin

Friendly Marmot
(Janelle wants one for a pet)

Creek at Mumm's Basin

British Columbia to the right of pic/ Alberta to the left

The Last of Daylight

Our friends from the trail
Andrew & Steve

Start of day hike to Snowbird Pass (21K)

Beautiful glacier and three waterfalls

Glacial water is refreshing

Pseudo clean

Yeah, it is that cold!

Friendly Park Ranger that we first met on the informational video prior to entering the park.
We are envious of his job. Six days on (in the mountains) then 7 days off.
We almost asked for his autograph, but in the end settled for this photo. :o)

Alpine Meadow below Snowbird Pass

Snowbird Pass
That is one massive Ice Field

Returning from Snowbird Pass

The gorgeous creek looks like a nice reprieve from the hike

We made IT!
"3 Hat Rest"

Berg Lake

Our final day on the trail
23K Hike out
Yeah, these two ladies Rock!!!

Emperor Falls

Last shower-4 days, 3 nights...a quick head dip in creek and....
movie star she is

Back to the vehicle with approx. 50 Miles of trail behind us

Cleaned up and devouring delicious eats

One more look at Columbia Ice Field Glacier without low lying clouds...rare occurrence

Moraine Lake & subsequent photo shoot


Drinks at Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel

Banff Springs Hotel
I hope to return for a night someday when $500/night doesn't sound so extravagant :o)