Monday, January 24, 2011

USDA responsible for mass poisoning of millions of birds -

THANKS USDA. You make me feel so SAFE!!!!!!

USDA responsible for mass poisoning of millions of birds -

Not all the mysterious bird die-offs that have been witnessed around the globe recently are due to unexplained causes. A recent mass die-off event witnessed in Yankton, South Dakota was traced back to the USDA which admitted to carrying out amass poisoning of the birds.

After hundreds of starlings were found dead in the Yankton Riverside Park, concerned citizens began to investigate. Before long, a USDA official called the local police and admitted they had poisoned thebirds. "They say that they had poisoned the birds about ten miles south of Yankton and they were surprised they came to Yankton like they did and died in our park," says Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel, as reported by KTIV (

TheUSDAthen confirmed the story and explained it was all "part of a large killing" in Nebraska. Some of the birds that ate thepoisonapparently flew all the way to Yankton before succumbing to the poison.

USDA mass-murders birds on a regular basis

So why was the USDApoisoningbirds in the first place? A Nebraska farmer was apparently complaining that the starlings were defecating in his feed meal. The answer to this conundrum apparently isn't tocover your feed mealbut rather callthe USDAand ask them to poison thousands of birds.

The USDA complied, apparently agreeing this was a brilliant idea. So they put out a poison calledDRC-1339and allowed thousands of birds to feed on that poison.

Carol Bannerman from USDA Wildlife Services ridiculously claimed the bird kill was also to protect "humanhealth."

"We're doing it to address, in this case, agricultural damage as well as the potential for human health andsafetyissues," she said. That's just a lie, of course. In what universe do starlings pose a threat to human health and safety?

The USDA Wildlife Services website, by the way, is

The USDA even has a name for this mass poisoning program:Bye Bye Blackbird. Through the use ofpoisonssuch as DRC-1339, the USDA has killedmore than four million birdsover the last several years, reports Truthout (

They even proudly publish an online spreadsheet showing just how many they've murdered with poison:

Remember, these are mass bird killings that are funded with your tax dollars. It all makes you wonder whether thegovernmentis, in fact, responsible for many of the other mysterious animal deaths that have been reported across the country (and around the globe).

It also makes you wonder: If the federal government thinks nothing of murdering 4 million living, breathing birds, then what else might they be capable of doing out of atotal lack of respect for wildlife?

And if the USDA poisons birds because certain groups become too populous, what do you suppose is planned for whenhuman populationgrows too large?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I don't know about you all, but we are already anxious for spring...

Janelle's recent arrangement from our beach combing treasures

Thaddeus and I are eager to play catch without cold hands and stocking caps on

For now we squeeze in 5 minute sessions until the days become warmer

I think Thaddeus will be a fast learner...

Our "new to us" swagger wagon.
2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited Edition
Now we can tour the historic triangle with "you" our visitors all in one comfortable ride

Monday, January 17, 2011

We just returned from our late Christmas Visit to family in the Northwest.
It was a wonderful time of reunion.
Much too short as always.

Our boys suffered jet lag, colds, and Thaddeus got Pneumonia buying himself his first trip to the ER after his doctor-dad decided that 5 days of high fever was pushing the limits of "just let it run its course."
We are all happy to say that our Thaddeus is back to his normal self as of this morning.
(Talking, Playing catch with his dad in the backyard, and enjoying his abundant Christmas stash from way too generous a family!)

The smile that we were all longing to see after seeing him lethargic and listless with a fever of 105.2.

Thaddeus with his baseball mit.
He is so excited. We have already been playing catch in the backyard twice since being home.


With Nana and Papa

Sunrise on Mt Baker
Taken from Shanea and Marshal's new place in Whidbey Island

Davis Family Photo

Heather and Ryan

Des and Rick

I had to post this, sorry...Jan
A sight not even her own children thought possible...
I hope her son-in-law is not the cause of this :o)

Sunrise Trout Lake


Mom and Dad Lambert

Dave and Sierra and Virgil (6weeks)

Had to take another picture with the "whole" family

Jesse and Megan Pearson Family

Caleb and Katie Lambert Family

Marshal and Shanea Harpe Family

Lambert Clan
26 plus 2 with buns in the oven

Kim and Luke
Engaged as of 1/5/2011

Happy Couple

The Announcement
All Eyes on the Prize

Megan and Jesse's Eldest

Aunt Janelle with Caleb and Katie's youngest
(for a couple more months anyhow)

Thaddeus has found his calling