Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our last evening in Michigan was spent with Victoria and Rick
They spoiled us with delectable lamb chops
We can't wait to spoil them in Virginia!

My new place of employment

Me and the boys upon arrival to the TLF (temporary living facility)
The military LOVES acronyms
It is a very nice two bedroom, full kitchen, full bath, and living room apartment with hotel like services...can't complain

By the pier in Downtown Hampton
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Johannes enjoyed the swing immensely,
infact he lost all control of his drool

Father/son moment

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Papa and Johannes

Mom and Dad at Lewisville Park

Shanea and Sheba

Enjoying a stroll in Lewisville park and watching grandchildren play
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Fun Picture taken by Bobby

Camille, Shirlene, Janelle, Bonnie, Verity, Theresa

On my Birthday
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We spent an afternoon and evening taking in the beauty of the Sonntag farm,
which is again becoming fully operational and self-sustaining thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of Bobby Wood

Amira's landscaping

Bobby's Farm equipment

The Yak

The mobile chicken coop
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Enjoying another Portland Park with a water feature

Thaddeus on the play structure

Johann's son and Shirlene's daughter

Camille's daughter
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Hike up Beacon Rock in the Columbia Gorge

Looking West

Janelle, Jody, Wendy & kids

The switch backs

Looking south
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A morning walk on new path between Lucia falls and Moulten Falls

Walking fast



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Photos of Gems in the heart of The Pearl

Wendy with her daughter

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Back from the coast...
we spent a lovely afternoon & evening with our dear friends
Wendy and Andy in Portland
We explored The Pearl
Had great coffee
Grilled Salmon
and drank in great conversation over a glass of Merlot

Jamison Park water fountain in Portland's Pearl District

Thaddeus is not shy
He was drawn to playing with the big kids
and even took their splashes

Doting Parents

Thaddeus playing "wheelbarrow"
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Our last day at the coast

Introducing Thaddeus to a hermit crab
at the Barview tidepools south of Twin Rocks

Thaddeus has his sites set on the rock crab
in the far lower right corner of this picture

Barview tidepools at low tide

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