Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today, 8.16.09, we took a Sunday drive to Lake Erie Metro Park, and we were rewarded with the lotus flowers in bloom, a summer downpour in sync with humid 90+ degree weather, and the joy of watching Thaddeus enjoy the park.

Radiant Janelle among the Lotus blossoms

Thaddeus meeting the curious young people in the park

Thaddeus Chillin' with his dad
Thaddeus has nine teeth, but he proudly shows these two

The summer has turned his hair a nice golden blond
Still no shears yet!

These two "tools" go wherever he goes now (except to bed), and this has been the case for a good month. :o)

-A Lotus Blossom-
"water lilies of tropical Africa and Asia, regarded as sacred"
Dancing in the light of the afternoon

My Lotus

A Classic Thaddeus grin the past few weeks

Climbing in and out of his toy box and showing us his teeth