Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Flavor of Polyface

I went to Polyface farm a couple of weekends ago...
It was awesome to say the least.
This video will give you a quick flavor of Joel Salatin

The stream of people hiking the hill to hear the farmer preach

The Broilers
are raised in these mobile shelters
which are moved to fresh "salad" every morning at sunrise

This building is one of many canvas laden industrial tents which house
rabbits and laying hens
in a symbiotic relationship to one another.

Rabbits above, Chickens below

Ever seen hogs raised like this?!
He discusses his method in the above video.

Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July 2011

Virginia is for lovers...
Virginia is for patriots...
Virginia is for families...

Let's Celebrate
We started our morning at a friends house for a potluck brunch along the parade route...
Then we walked the parade route with our patriotic "flare"
Seth then went off to make hospital rounds while others rested up for the big night of crowds and fireworks at the Historic Yorktown waterfront

We joked about what happens were you are the 3rd child...
you can't even wreck a kodak moment.

We have had a wonderful week of being spoiled by Nana and Papa Davis
Lots of free babysitting for Janelle and I :o)

Johannes was ecstatic over this dog his size and fortunately the dog, "Rumble" was very tolerant of Johannes' lovin'

Our lovely neighborhood gets very creative with their Radio Flyer "Parade Floats"

In the afternoon another parade route came down the street we live on, so I took the opportunity to take more pics...

Our house in the background...

Mt Vernon

We made it to Mt Vernon a couple of weekends back...and got to meet up with our wonderful Washingtonian friends, no pun intended :o)

Tuckered out, but great travellers

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Our Resident SurperHero & Car Races with Papa Davis: Langley Track

My son is a SuperHero!

Last night Thaddeus got to be enamored with race cars at the Langley Speedway.
It was a great time, especially being with Papa.
Thaddeus acted so old...he ate a whole hamburger, snacked on cashews, onion rings, and gummies from Trader Joe's, and stayed wide awake until 10:30pm.
A night he will remember I am sure.