Saturday, November 29, 2008

So already I am trying to influence my son to take interest in certain activities that I dream of doing together, and one day he may be so good at it that he will pick up sponsors and laugh at the idea of being a slave to a job like medicine/surgery.

Thus please watch Thaddeus in his first lesson in Rock Climbing, performed at The Grand Canyon, AZ

And here is Thaddeus during his second lesson at Zion National Park.
For indoor "gym" rock climbing I have him practising climbing up me, and spending lots of time hanging from me at crazy angles

Our Thanksgiving was spent with the Rudds in Las Vegas

Thaddeus met two Rudd kids that were more than happy to entertain him throughout the evening

Yes Thaddeus is crawling!!!! He just turned 5 months last Thursday!

According to Nourishing Traditions a child's first food should be egg yolk...

This is our nutrition bible

Thaddeus seems to appreciate it

Our boy just chillin' after a long workout of crawling

Monday, November 24, 2008

I had two days in a row off, so we hightailed it out of the city and went North to
Zion Natl Park, Utah
We feel so immensely blessed to be experiencing much of this country's beauty while finishing residency...Zion is a photographer's paradise as light and diversity dance throughout the canyon moment to moment. You must make time for this place in your vacation schedule during your lifetime!
Photos are in no particular order

Canyon Overlook Hike

The Trail to Angels Landing...this is the easy part.

Art Gallery perusing in Springdale, Utah

I bet the Obama campaign could have utilized a picture of Obama with these kinda sun beams...
Oh wait somebody already did a good job of it here: Click here.

Hiking Thaddeus style

Peaceful hiking...Peaceful light

Cave along the trail to Overlook Canyon

Majestic Light

Overlook Canyon Viewpoint

Beauty in nature

View from Hidden Canyon Trail

Thaddeus celebrating his first night of camping ever

Dinner at Oscar's Uhmmm.
Free range beef burger and fish tacos

Beautiful tree, beautiful mountain, beautiful people


Thaddeus looking older

He has found his feet...and loves to pull his socks off

View from our bedroom at the Desert Pearl...sunset

The Desert Pearl...One night of camping was enough :o)

In the cave

Thaddeus was mesmerized by the campfire

Teaching Thaddeus OUCH with the cactus

Autumn in Zion

Cliffs of Zion from Angel's Landing Trail

Another view from Angel's Landing

Atop Angel's Landing

Zion Canyon from Angel's Landing

Canyon walls

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Janelle's Birthday Bouquet from Rick and Victoria

In front of the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip

Birthday Dinner at Morels
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Friday, November 14, 2008


Not a surprise trip to Paris, France...but it was a nice stroll to Paris, Las Vegas
and an evening of fine food at Morel's French Steakhouse for Filet Mignon and a delicatessen cheese platter

Janelle is blessed with visits from dear friends Lizzy, Tamara, and baby Ava
for her birthday

Tamara and Ava

Tres Chic
Mama et Bebe

Autumn from within the Belagio Hotel/Casino

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday I had the day off so we traveled to the outskirts of Las Vegas to
Red Rock Canyon National Park

Notice the rock climber in the turquoise blue

A Joshua tree

Thaddeus' first hike and ride on the back
He loved it!
Desert Beauty

Desert Beauty-Even when the vegetation is dead

Sunset over Calico Mountains, Red Rock NV