Monday, September 02, 2013

Nathanael's Steps

Sounds of Reunion this summer in Trout Lake

Our Summer Transition photos...

First stop Michigan
Stayed with Victoria who treats like royalty

Catching up with Friends

Thaddeus & Amelia

4th of July with Dan and family in Wisconsin

Not sure about fire in his hand

Lake Geneva Waterfront park

Getting more confident standing

Learning to walk

Hottie sporting new earrings I brought back from Portland for her just before leaving VA

Nolan, this is for you buddy!  We made it to your roots...

Glacier Natl Park

Glacier water

Finally meeting up with family...
God is good.  We had no cell service and only mentioned where we might camp in the park...God graciously enabled us to connect by them driving by our campsite around 5:30p...just before they were thinking of giving up looking.

Brothers indeed


Tent camping in Glacier Natl park

Playing together in the Yaak

Pure spoilage with gourmet, garden fresh, homegrown eats...

Eggs from their own chickens

In Portland...
Johannes the dog whisperer...only with dogs that REALLY tolerate anything...

Now if that is not the flavor of Portland in a single image...
What an experience to return to Portland after 3 years in Virginia.
Janelle and I really had some culture shock, realizing how unPortlandish we had become

Park near the Freemont Bridge in Portland

Jamison Park in the Pearl District of Portland

I am so in love with these boys...

So in love with this woman

I love the way she looks at me when the lens in her face

Beach Cowboy

Johannes ran into the ocean like it was the Warm Virginia Beach...didn't even act to concerned that it was about 40 degrees cooler

This way...Mom...

Cannon Beach

Got to celebrate my birthday with the Davis' and most importantly Edith Person, Janelle's 95 yr old grandmother.

Portland Waterfront Park
Mount Hood in the background

Janelle and I rode the Skytram as part of our Anniversary weekend together in Portland

Portland KOIN building to the left, and Mt. St. Helens 

Sunday Lunch at the Allen's place
Our premarital counsellors and their children
Also Coffee Roasters!!!!
What a place to share a coffee hour together, look forward to more meetups in the future!

Reunion of college housemates

Thespian Thad

Yeah!  Fun times with Jodi...
Visits, Hikes...lots more to come

Inpromptu theater night on Nana and Papa's porch

Joust at your own risk

My brothers designing and constructing the deer fence and gate arbour around my parents garden

Hiking with Cousins to Bird Creek Meadows and Hell Roaring Canyon

Brother Caleb and his daughter

Good hikers

Hiking to the wildflowers

Getting energized with a sucker...


Bird Creek Meadows

Bridge Crossing...good spot to rest he says

Wildflowers did not disappoint!

Megan's eldest daughter

Hiking at 9months
Baby number 7

Arriving at Hell Roaring Canyon at the base of Mt Adams
Johannes made it!

Mom and Asa

Meg's daughter #2

Meg's son #3

Scaling the rocks together

Helicopters tracking and counting black bear in the region, asked to use our property as a refueling station and lunch break...
Quite the excitement...especially for my dad who was on the other side of the property when he saw the choppers landing, which historically has only been when life flight is needed in the valley, so you can imagine the adrenaline and fearsome thoughts rising up that one of the 17 grandchildren was in need of life saving measures, but his fears subsided when he saw the white vehicle was a gas truck and not an ambulance.

Pioneer family

Playing in the cockpit