Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

JUNE 28th--3 Days old
All is well.
This morning's light

Thaddeus' and Dad's feet

Happy Birthday Thaddeus James Lambert
June 26, 2008
8#15oz; 21.5inches
11hr 45 min of labor; Born at 1:44pm EST
-a wonderful experience for all involved-
Janelle was/is amazing
Moments after Thaddeus emerged from his water birth

The weigh in--Heavier than all expected

He emerged from the water with his eyes wide open & didn't close them for the first hour

Thank you Jesus for this beautiful gift!

Grandmother Jan

She was an amazing doula!! She was a huge help and strength for Janelle. Thank you for your wonderful care and love.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Garden updates...while we wait for the baby to arrive

Symbiotic relationship...without the insect the peoni could not blossom b/c the insect eats the wax coating on the bud. Cool!

Close up of my favorite flower in the garden

Calla lily by the mailbox

Janelle wanted to plant a tree for a our first child, but I didn't think we had room for another tree, so we compromised and bought a rose.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I plan to do this when I get another TDI VW.

Especially since Trout Lake has its own Biofuel CO-OP!!!!!

Check it out by clicking on the above LOGO.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

THE YARD update

Planting a few weeks back

This morning

Bird Bath



How cool are these petals?!!! They're like individual flowers! I love it.


Remains of a columbine after a thunder storm

We enjoyed a fabulous summer BBQ this weekend for the residents, hosted by Dr. Go

Trung demonstrating his gymnastic skills off the diving board

I married an awesome woman.

At 37 weeks pregnant she comes up with the idea of going camping on Memorial Day weekend.

We and another "expecting" couple went to Pinckney Recreation area in Michigan

30 yrs and still love to kick a ball around at every opportunity

Peas in the pods

Ever wonder where your box of Jiffy started? The place is Chelsea, Michigan, home of Actor Jeff Daniels, and his own theatre company called the Purple Rose.

Trillium to remind us of Mt. Hood

Trail scenery

Tree branch that looks like a bird. It caught my eye.

Playing with fire


Janelle took her class to the "real life farm" in Canton, MI
The kids being attentive to Farmer Don

Class enjoying the hay ride

This is our Bradley Method birth class members
We finished the 12 week course a few weeks ago

Janelle's midwives and doula came for dinner