Sunday, February 25, 2007

Janelle has returned from a fabulous week with her friends and family in the Northwest. Above is a picture of her beautiful friends enjoying a night out in Portland at the Sweet Masterpiece coffee and chocolate shop.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The GM building

Yeah, it really is that cold. That white stuff is a frozen Detroit river!

Canadian Geese that must be regretting their decision not to go south
This is us having fun in the cccooollllldddd.
It has been -15 degrees with the wind chill this past week!

--Janelle on Belle Isle--
Detroit to the right
Windsor Canada to the left
My Boss--When he is not in the O.R.

Janelle and I enjoyed watching his team, "The Moose." We are looking forward to cheering them on in Toronto this June, when they compete in the playoffs.

This is Amelia, daughter of my good friends Larry and Dallas, whom I met during my first year in Michigan. She and I (Seth) share a special connection--we have the same birthday!

January 20thA Detroit Experience (The International Auto Show) with great friends

Janelle admiring "The Mini"

Seth likes the Maserati