Monday, October 22, 2007

San Francisco Oct 17-21
I presented a research poster at the ACOS conference and then we played :o)

Lizzy, Trung, Janelle and I in Chinatown for dinner



Bubble Tea in Chinatown
Nice memory: Lizzy ordering a "Red Bean" smoothie and being surprised to find actual red beans throughout the drink

Lizzy and Janelle street shopping in Chinatown

Modeling "new coat" in Golden Gate Park
Quite the model, I know. :o)

Our new hair styles, thanks to Lizzy!


Monday, October 15, 2007

READ THIS. Here is a good read on why taking worldclass healthcare to the third world is reasonable.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Past month or two in photo review...

Fall Yard

Ginko Leaves

Autumn Light on the "Dwarf" Ginko

Crab Apple

Landscape in Fall (Tomato plants removed)

New Plant purchased this fall from Eastern Market in Detroit

Echinacea Cone Flower to remind me of home


Terry admiring the orchids at Eastern Market

Fall Leaves at Hubbard Lake where Janelle spent the weekend with her lovely friend Victoria

Hubbard Lake


Celebrating our first year of marriage with two fabulous people
Rick and Victoria

The finish line of "Dances with Dirt" 100K relay

Janelle's students at "Safety Town" -Huron Township Police Department-

Janelle's Class 2007

Removing more concrete to make way for more garden space next year!