Saturday, July 01, 2006

This past month...

May & Michael Wedding 6/24

Keri and Dave Solverson

Trung and I
(No! We didn't plan to wear the same clothes)

Isaac & Jo

Nature's Siamese Twin

Foot on Shore of Lake Michigan

Trung Silhouette

Lake Michigan Shoreline

Manistee River

Trung and I went camping this past week, and during the second day we heard about this 22-mile hike that follows the Manistee River and loops back on the North Country Trail (comparable to Pacific Crest Trail). It sounded like just the thing two residents needed to do to refresh our spirits, so we started out at 4pm. We had been told earlier in the day by the forestry service that some people do the entire hike in a day, so we figured why not try to do it in an evening. Well, we ended up hiking in the dark for a couple of hours, but it was so worth it! By doing this hike at this time of night, we saw something we have never seen before-for two solid hours we hiked in a fantasy world of dark forests lit only by the constant flickering of thousands of fireflies. It was simply amazing! Needless to say, we completed the hike in 8 hours but not without hitting the wall around 6.5 hours. When we reached the truck we both had aching bodies, blistered feet, and growling stomachs, as we hiked with nothing more than daypacks filled with water and fruit.
One thing that medicine affords its staff is the ability to survive on limited sleep, so rather than camp another night, we drove the five hours home arriving back in Detroit at 6:30am, we both slept until mid-day and then went to a local art show and rooftop party to watch fireworks over the Detroit River.