Monday, June 30, 2014

Thad's 6th Birthday

Celebrated our Thaddeus' 6th Birthday with all the Davis' this weekend
Janelle put together a stunning Robot Birthday amidst a very fun and casual family reunion at our place.  It was really fun to see our property accommodate the travel-campers along with a couple of dogs, and two nights of campfires.

Davis Family Reunion
Thaddeus'  6th Birthday

Nana and Papa
with their

Her First Born


Our mini Sunriver site

Birthday Boy

Proud Daddy
with his
 First Born

Like father, like son

Robot Birthday Theme

Favorite Meal
Cheese Burgers

His own tools!
(Dad found this find at a garage sale, all greasy and looking beat up;
after an hour or so of cleaning with soapy water and polishing with WD40, it was as good as new.

Robot from Nana and Papa

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Robot Cake

Robot Pinata


A priceless moment

Each enjoying a little "sin" food this weekend

Friends & Brothers

Hannes was gifted his great-grandfather Pearson's Bandolier
It created a new persona in him.
He couldn't have been more thrilled.
He informed us that he was hunting badgers the rest of the weekend.

Robot's designed by Papa

Summit of the ridge behind our place for a birthday hike


Uncle Ryan with Jack

Cousin Brayden and Bo