Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Davis Parents have been with us for much of the month of July, and man have they blessed us with projects being completed. Note below the newly painted facia to the house. It used to be a dusty rose color, and now is black.

I am also pleased with the primarily perennial garden this year

This is our refurbished laundry/pantry room thanks to Janelle's vision and her dads loving work. It got a fresh coat of paint, and new custom made shoe rack/bench, new hangers, new sliding storage bins, new baskets, and a new folding arts/crafts/sewing table to the left.

Street view of the house

Thaddeus with his nice hippie locks
Oh yeah, did I tell you I'm going to be a brother in March?! (Lord willing) :o)

Monday, July 13, 2009

This weekend Janelle and I stole away to northern Michigan and backpacked North Manitou Island with Rick and Victoria
(Thaddeus stayed with Nana and Papa Davis)

In his element
His face need not say more

Capturing a wave as it dissipates into its many parts with 1/4000 shutter speed

Our self portrait

Sunset from the west shoreline of North Manitou Island


Two lovers sitting in a tree....

A weed with the sun behind

Chillin' back at camp

If only every morning could be so wonderful

Thursday, July 02, 2009

AWE...We are back from NYC so I can resume blogging!

A day in Central Park 
What a beautiful place to lounge, people watch, sleep, listen to music...

Spring Bloom in Central Park  (Early May)

Out for a daily stroll (weather permitting) it rained 23 days in June :o(

Sunset view from our apartment (14th floor of Scholar Building next to Sloan Kettering on York Ave in the upper east side of Manhattan)

Skyscraper in the mist
Bryant Park, Manhattan

Thaddeus' first Carousel Ride (Bryant Park, Manhattan)

Thaddeus loves parks, with all their sticks, dirt, sand, swings, climbing walls, slides....  Now that we are home in Michigan Thaddeus our house is pretty cool since the front yard is his own personal park!

Thaddeus' first steps were taken in Manhattan-His first solo steps were the week of his birthday.


New York "Urban Mama"

Rock Climbing lesson number...Not sure, I have lost count, but he is going to be a natural!

Enjoying a find in the park, and not full of dog slobber so we got to take it home and enjoy it for weeks.

Still stealing my kisses from often as I can.

Intersection at Battery Park (Park across from Staten Island)

Thaddeus out for a stroll on a chilly June morning

The Saturday Farmer's Market
 So close to our apartment we could see them setting up from our window. 
 Janelle kept us well stocked with delicious fruits and veggies between all our restaurant meals.

Manhattan does aesthetics like no place else

How can you not fork over money when they look like this?  Trust me, we did.  Michigan feels like one big bargain shopping state now!

Our Macrobiotic salad from a "living/whole/organic food" restaurant  
Some things will be missed 

Thaddeus playing in a park. Notice the beautiful stance/form he is demonstrating for rock climbing.  :o)