Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some snapshots of my nieces and nephews (& Janelle) as I flew to the NW for a very quick 72 hr visit last week

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here is a smattering of photos from Janelle's camera...
Includes food adventures for Thaddeus, trip to NW and recent visit from Janelle's Aunt and Uncle from Iowa
We try all kinds of foods with Thaddeus, so far he likes or at least tolerates brussel sprouts, limes, Pho, and here trying a grapefruit...
His staples (which he loves) are Avocado, Egg yolk, sweet potato, pea soup, apple sauce, banana & blueberries

aka the grapefruit reaction

Uncle Don and Aunt Rita spending the day with us at Red Rocks Visitor Center

Thaddeus sharing a bowl of Pho with me. He was very pleased.

Aunt Rita and Thaddeus getting aquainted at PF Changs on the Vegas Strip

Thaddeus exploring Uncle Don..."You look like "Papa" Davis but something is different, though I can't quite put my finger on it."

Thaddeus loving his time with Uncle Rick. Janelle and Thaddeus got to meet up with Rick in Olympia for about 3 hours since Rick was there for a fireman's conference.

Thaddeus happy and chillin' in Uncle Ryan's lap

Thaddeus trying out his new trick of pulling himself up to standing position and then working on letting go...Notice the success marked by the fist pump :o)