Monday, May 28, 2007

"On Assignment"
In my dreams

Trung the gymnast...He's still got IT!

Breakfast Sunday morning at the Patisserie Amie...Tres Bon :o)

"Front street"
Downtown Traverse City, Michigan
Fun on the weekends

1st BBQ of the season at Trung's house

Our Weekend cabin (thanks to a coworker from the hospital) near Traverse City, Michigan...

...where Janelle, Trung and I ran the Bayshore 1/2 marathon on Saturday morning. Thank you Lord for perfect running weather and gorgeous scenery!

Runner's recovery on the porch. Aaahh, those calves feel gooood :o)

Old Mission Light House at end of the Peninsula
Do I ever do medicine? I am sure that is what Marshal Harpe is wondering...

The answer is yes, but sometimes the yard work is done in the dark...

A couple of more spare hours and the place will have the finishing touches done, but for now it looks nearly completed

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our projects continue...

Last weekend trimmed tree branches to allow more sunlight...

On the newly planted vegetable/herb garden

A couple of weekends back we were able to complete the concrete removal

Today was the big work day, as we both had the day off after 12 days of work...
Framed in pathway with old indoor veneer siding left in garage from previous homeowner :o)

Stamping the sand

Rough draft laying out of flagstone path

Fresh cut rhubarb for tonight's feast!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cinco de Mayo Party

Left to Right (Holly, Celis, Malene, Seth, Janelle, Reed)

Janelle showing her moves with "Dance, Dance, Revolution" video game