Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misc catching up photos

All kids thus far love Kefir Popscicles

Marshall A would appreciate this...
In Virginia a tree next to homes is brought down with a crane AND a bucket truck.  I am pretty sure these tree guys don't have any good stories to tell with there techno savy tree cutting like Marshall does.

Recent visit from Nana and Papa

Tea Time

Celebrating Nana and Papa B-days
The single candle did stand a chance...

Playing with my Boys

Playing with my Boys

Thaddeus' art project this past week

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Thaddeus asked me to take his training wheels off, so we are well on our way to having a two wheel bike rider.
I am especially proud of him, because I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was nearly eight and he plans to show Nana and Papa his skills when they arrive in June for his 4th Birthday.

Johannes loves to "ride" too
Can't reach the peddles yet, so dad gets tired quickly

Thaddeus got to ride this horse last week when Janelle went to a local farm where we bought a 1/4 of grass fed beef.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some blogging catching up to do...

The spring has flown by as we had various guests staying in the cottage for nearly a month and a half, and we have been trying to get spring cleaning underway, prepare for new baby, replant the yard, prepare for my 1 month deployment to Peru, and see some more sites before our years in Virginia are behind us...

The Dupont Thoroughbred Race Track 
View from the porch of the restored President James Madison Home

Walking the grounds 

Retired Thoroughbreds still roam the pastureland in the background

Doesn't Janelle look at home in a farm setting!?!

I am not known for any affection towards cats,
however, a good looking barn cat is an appreciated domestication of the feline species

Exiting Madison's Garden

If James Madison only knew that the chem trails would one day be sprayed over his beautiful gardens!!!!

Janelle and I spent the weekend in Charlottesville
A lovely time was had touring Monticello

Cloud cover vanishing by early afternoon

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed eating fish
The fresh fish caught by slaves would be stored live in this retaining pond until needed by the kitchen

In Thomas Jefferson's Gardens

Easter Egg Hunting

Thrilled with his Egg that looked like a baseball and had a piece of chocolate in it

Our hosts of the fun event
Easter brunch and egg hunt

Still Life
Dogwood branch from back yard
Pretzel's made by Janelle
Both graced our farm table for less than 24 hours  ;o)

Concrete work
Stamped "Old London Pavers"
The lawn is slowly beginning a recovery

Where the new path connects with the main house
The street view

My newly stacked wood for seasoning for next winter's fires
Patio at the entrance to the Guest Cottage

Ate outside tonight on screen porch
My boys finishing off the Farm Fresh "Real Milk" Homemade Ice Cream

Smiles abound

What remains of the 120 yr old oak tree that had died in the front yard

The vacancy is felt,
but the peace of mind that the old beauty won't topple into the house with the next tropical storm or hurricane is also felt.

The former school room has been converted into the nursery
Our Third Boy is due on Thaddeus' Birthday, June 26th
He will be called Nathanael

The new bed