Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here is my youngest brother, not looking so young anymore, and my beautiful mom together on the other side of the world where they and Dad are teaching english until Spring.
Janelle and I had a wonderful Christmas. Our first together was spent in Michigan. I will post some photos soon of our weekend.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It is Christmas time...thus parties abound

Dressed up for dinner at the country club with program director and residents

Medical Education Christmas Party

"Dr. Lambert" visits Mrs. Lambert's class

Friends (Brian and Aubrey) hosting the appetizer portion of a progressive dinner

Saturday, December 02, 2006

If you, like me, believe in supporting only local and sustainable farming practices, as well as enjoy wholesome food then "click" on this website for locating places near you.

If you are bored and have a few minutes click on the below pics to watch an education campaign to stop factory style agriculture practices in America.
Most importantly, choose to abstain from Fast Food, and you will stop being part of the demand side of the equation. :o)

Meatrix I

Meatrix II

Meatrix II1/2

Click on video below to view film by Dan Holcomb, former Trout Laker and founder of Lahash International
Believe you can make a difference!

Kibera Slum, Kenya
Next Generation Doctor

Good article for those interested in International Medicine

Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa getting a well deserved break on the streets of New York City
Thanksgiving Weekend!
Janelle, Trung, and I spent the weekend in NYC and Philadelphia

Sunset from Battery Park, Manhattan Island

Rockafeller Center

Reunion of Friends: Megha and Andrew in their quaint apt near the UN building

The Liberty Bell
Downtown Philadelphia

Megha and Andrew : New York Style

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A child (Nephew Brayden) with a jar of bubbles = PURE DELIGHT

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We are still young enough to have fun!!
Pumkin carving with friends - Brian and Aubrey

From left to right: Master pieces by Aubrey, Janelle, Seth, Brian

Janelle and I ran the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon Oct 29th. We had a great time. It was perfectly sunny, though it was in the 30's temperature wise. We got to run the 13.1 miles starting in downtown Detroit, crossing over the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Canada, running along the water front in Windsor, returning to Detroit via the mile long underwater tunnel, and finishing the race at Ford Field, Home of the Detroit Lions football team.

Place BIB# age Time

26 14417 Seth Lambert 29 1:43:04

To view photos taken during the race click here

Place   #                                         Age    Time
239 14418 Janelle Lambert 28 2:20:23

To view photos taken during the race click here

This was my latest project in the home. I am scared to drink the water in Detroit, as I feel that the cancer rates are too high in this town for reasons not clearly known. Thus, I purchased a five filter-reverse osmosis water purification system. Janelle and I are loving the incredibly pure water :o)
Janelle had fun taking pictures of me during the installation process.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here is a LARGE compilation of photos from the past couple of months in no specific order

Ryan and Heather on their BIG day 9/23/06

Janelle at Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dune and the pristine water of Lake Michigan

Our Friend, Rhonda, presenting "Emergency kits and planning for Natural Disasters" to Janelle's students at Summit Academy

Seth the "poser" during a run in our favorite park "Lake Erie Metro Park"

My beautiful wife, spoiling me with beautiful food! Notice the apple pie in the background, and the scrumptious Finnish Pancake in the foreground. Janelle thinks I only wanted to take a picture of the food, and that I put her in the picture for good measure. :o) She is getting used to my obsession with food, but is trying to keep me level headed about it. She is treating me royally!

La Dolce Vita

Carrie and Jon
THE absolute COOLEST couple, and not only because they came to visit us in Michigan :o)

Dear Friends in Lake Erie Metro Park

SUNSET along bank of Lake Erie and the Nature trail

Nephew Gabe, chilling with Aunt Janelle during our afternoon visit with Shanea, Marshal, and kids in Port Orchard, Washington. We were able to make a quick visit to the Puget Sound after Janelle's brother's wedding back in September.

Janelle's dear friend Jodi, who joined us on our trip to visit Dan and Jo in Tacoma.
Cool story really. Seth goes to medical school and meets really great friend Dan Solverson from Rockford Illinois, meanwhile, Janelle is back in Newberg Oregon, and meets this really cool friend at a singles group, called SURGE, who is originally from Rockford, Illinois. Seth and Janelle get married, and the two friends discover they know each other from high school days.

Outside Dan and Jo's Church in Puyallup on a gorgeous Autumn day, and we got to enjoy Dan playing piano for worship.

Inside Shanea and Marshal's new home during final construction phase

The Ideal Portlanders

We were blessed with a fun filled hour of catching up in an exquisite coffee/chocolate shop in the "Pearl" with Wendy, Andy, and Shasta.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hiking in Sleeping Bear Dunes on the shoreline of Lake Michigan

The living room with "touches" from the wife

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Married July 29, 2006

What a beautiful wedding party

My good lookin bro, Luke, having a Brat at my bachelor party