Saturday, September 26, 2009

Should you get an annual flu decide.
Big surprise, Seth never does, and never will. Can't wait to fight the military on this one :o)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This past weekend I took Friday and Monday off so that we could get away!!! We went to Virginia to visit Janelle's cousin, Anna-Maria and her beautiful family. It was cheaper to fly to DC and rent a car than to fly directly to their closest airport, so we got to take in the sites of Washington D.C. on Monday afternoon. Too bad Thaddeus won't remember this year...
Cross-country trip to Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion Natl. Park, Manhattan NY, Chicago, and now DC and Virginia.

View from the steps of Lincoln Memorial

Thaddeus loving to climb the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial

View of Capitol from The Mall

This was not all for Janelle. We all split this feast from the Native American Museum's cafeteria. We selected the NW fare (Salmon, Bison, Wild rice salad, potatoes, and corn/pinto bean salad).

Steven and Anna-Maria Johnson


Reaching for the rocks!

Loving throwing the rocks

Magdalena (Maggie) Johnson

My Jane Austin-esque wife

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Last Dance with Mary Jane?
Under the Bridge

Vibrant campus of Eastern Mennonite University, in Virginia (Where Steven Johnson teaches photography and digital media)

Our boy in a tree

EMU Campus fountain and Maggie

"Green is my favorite color"

Maggie with Kettle Corn from a farmer's market

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So lots happening at the Lambert Household in Michigan these days...
In addition to being tired from a 130 hour work week followed by an 80 hour week the first two weeks of September we are managing to still communicate with each other, and accomplish getting our home on the market, revamping the yard for fall, and socializing to fill in the cracks of our week...

On the market...sadly for $38,000 less than I paid 5 years ago

Theme for our Life
...Even as I get closer to entering the real world.
Seems strange to think that I might actually become a non-student after 26 years of education

Thaddeus helping wind up the hose and showing us his haircut...
See the action shots below

Janelle fearlessly attacks the project with new shears, and a steady hand...Thaddeus remained still only after getting to enjoy his first dum-dum sucker. Yes Nanna, I (Seth) was present and witness the sad event of watching Thaddeus enjoy (devour) the "sin on a stick" :o)

Good-bye corn silk locks...and no more "what a beautiful girl" in the grocery stores, however we have noticed he is not as strong as he was before :o)

Sunday afternoon Detroit Tigers Baseball game.
Thanks to Dr. Lamb's generosity in giving us tickets with awesome seats behind home plate.

In front of Comerica Park, Detroit

Trung helped with the babysitting; a true friend.

Thaddeus knew exactly what to do, and cheered better than his dad

In front of Dr Lewis' home after a gathering and BBQ on Labor Day weekend

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lambert activities in photo review

Last Fall this photo was taken. It was humorous at the time, as the only bench to nurse Thad was found in front of the cigar shop.

Spring forward 1 year and we are back at the same shop in Milford, MI
We took a weekend drive to this quaint town for dinner last night. It was a nice reprieve for all of us.

Thaddeus in the appropriate attire and setting for free reign of the watermelon

Moment in Time
Photo taken through screened kitchen window
Thaddeus is adored by our sweet neighbor Cheyenne
We escaped to Michigan's Irish Hills the last weekend of August for a one night camping trip with friends, and ended the time with a round of golf, despite it raining. It was my first time to revive the clubs since college. Fun times! style
Thaddeus did awesome and slept in his own mini-tent without a peep.

Thaddeus demonstrating his love for his new hat from Aunt Katie and Uncle Caleb

Doing chores together

A Good-Bye dinner for Francis & Maileen as they move to Corvallis Oregon to start a career in Cardiology
Miss you and can't wait to visit you in Oregon!

"Please hold the applause, and stop that camera...unless we have a royalties agreement that is."

Janelle and Thaddeus went to Northern Michigan with Sherlyn and Jasper for the weekend

Cool CAT Thad
Jasper and Thaddeus

Janelle and Seth Toasting their 3rd Anniversary at Patriot Park with glasses of Kombucha