Monday, September 27, 2010

Johannes is learning to use his new assets
Thaddeus and Johannes' first foods have been egg yolk, followed shortly by avocado
(as recommended by Nourishing Traditions)
Johannes gives a strong positive vote for the avocado!

"You didn't just take my picture!?"

"Give me that camera!"

Our Growing Boys

Starting to play together

Such a big brother these days - as he tries to rule the roost

I got chompers since you last saw me!!!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Evening excursions...

An evening at a nearby park

An evening at Buckroe Beach

Buckroe beach continued

Thaddeus growing up...notice the "big boy" underwear...We are working on keeping them dry :o)
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The Gorgeous aquarium at the Virginia Living museum.
Thaddeus looking through the glass

Very much a hands on museum for kids...a perfect world for a two year old


"In Your Face"
Maine Lobster
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Today is "Family Day" for the military which means I had the day off!!!
We went to the Virginia Living Museum...

Thaddeus and Amelia excavating "fossils"

Our 2 year old in action

Can you guess what I am

Thaddeus learning about a live horseshoe crab
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